ALD Convention 2023

Wednesday October 18th - Saturday October 21st, 2023

Grand Hyatt, Charleston, South Carolina

Preview of Convention Program

To Our Team Members:  

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Charleston and to a big turnout ahead of the 50th Anniversary of American Leak Detection’s incorporation during 2024.

As we look forward to the future, armed with national channels and Salesforce, this Convention will kick off a return to our distinctive edge: technology driven solutions – some proprietary, some third party.  

We are building the Convention Program based on your feedback and keeping three things in mind:

  1. More time for each other and reaffirming our ALD identity including our culture of giving back, more fun time and, most importantly, less corporate administration
  1. Takeaways to Use Upon Leaving Convention:  We are expanding “Tips, Gadgets, Gizmos” with our Vendors and leveraging our proprietary video technology. During September, we are going to start sourcing and creating video moment “Tips” to help with training – tips ranging from solving for types of leaks to tips for management success.  We will store the video moments in our secure video library as part of the Salesforce platform
  1. Expanding the Trade Show and Engaging with our Vendors

We are focused on making the Convention a great experience. We will be updating this page every couple of weeks.

Please sign-up by clicking on the link below: